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Purified H2O

Amor Pure H20 Purified Water

Amor Pure H20 Purified Water

 4 x cases for £38.99

Amor Pure Purified Water 4 cases of 12 x 500ml bottles.

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Meet Amor Vitality:

the revitalising new range from revolutionary drinks brand Amor.

These days, we know life is full of stress and sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day! It’s easy to get caught up in our busy schedules, long commutes and early starts and forget to take the time to appreciate the world around us-

and that’s where Amor Vitality comes in!!

Inspired by the energy of love that transcends borders and languages, Amor Vitality was created with a passion to bring a rejuvenated sense of energy and wonder into people’s lives with a great tasting, all natural drink. A far cry from the artificial, taurine energy drinks that line modern supermarket walls, Amor is made with only the most natural, healthy ingredients, with a lightly sparkling blend of fruit juices, spring water, natural sweeteners and ginseng – allowing you to feel revitalised, rejuvenated, and ready to take on whatever the world throws at you.

Available in three exciting all-natural flavours:


The delicously genius pairing of luxurious raspberry and tangy pomegranate, this lighty sparkling love affair results in a super-fruity and delicious blend -infused with ginseng for a revitalising kick!


This whirlwind romance merges the zingy, fruity flavour of passionfruit with the superfood benefits of acai berries and a rejuvenating ginseng burst, creating an exotic and tropical flavour that will maintain your zest for life all day long!


The sweet innocence of blueberry met its unlikely match in the tangy, exotic kiwi – a marriage of flavour with cheeky ginseng twist, creating a lightly sparkling blend that is invigorating, surprising and most of all – delicious!

Amor is all about love. Love is life, health and happiness. In our pursuit of these aims, we created these drinks for everyone with only the healthiest and most natural ingredients – so we can love ourselves and our world!

Grab an Amor Vitality today and greet anything life throws at you with open arms.